About Avelore Ave
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Welcome to my studio! My name is Avelore Ave (They/Them) and I believe there is a story everywhere. 


I focus on bold and colorful storytelling through illustrations, poems, 2D, and watercolor animation. Although I have an Associate’s degree in fashion design–which helps me understand how trends and markets work, I’ve always loved animation and motion design since I was a kid playing around with claymation.

I lost the single video copy of my first (and only) claymation short film: two human-ish shaped blobs moving into their beautiful recycled goldfish box house. Even though my skill set and interests have turned towards 2D animation, claymation will always have a special place in my heart.

I've recently curious about game design and development, so keep your eye on some new things I'm discovering in the indie game world!

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I’m glad you’ve found me and my little art corner on the internet. If you want to reach out for projects, collaborations, or events, contact me at contact@afroflower.com