Afro Flower, Anneliese Palmer
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My name is Anneliese (Ah-Nah-Lisa) Palmer, and I believe there is a story to be found everywhere.


My pronouns are she/her, and I am a Black and Queer visual artist based in sunny Florida, but my creativity roams. I focus on imaginative storytelling through illustrations, writing, animations, and soon-to-be watercolors.


Although I have an Associate’s degree in fashion design–which helps me understand trends and how the evolving markets work, I’ve always had a love for animation ever since I saw my first clay animation as a kid.


I lost the only video copy of my first claymation short film: two human-ish shaped blobs, moving into their beautiful recycled goldfish box house. Although my skill set and interests have turned towards 2D animation, claymation will always be my first love.

I’m glad you’ve found me and my little art corner on the internet. Check out my portfolio and explore my website, or contact me below!

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