Book Cover


Where Your Story Starts
Your story does not start with chapter one, with the perspective of your opening character; it starts with your title, your font, the colors, the textures.
The beginning of your story is told through all of these elements and more––from the perspective of your book cover.
What I Do

​I design book covers and other graphics and illustrations that invoke curiosity before the book is even opened, holding the reader close as they journey into what you've written. 


I use programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create my designs, but I never forget the magic of the pencil and paper.

I have been a graphic designer for nearly 5 years and an artist all of my life, and as of 2019, I am turning my skillset towards book cover art.

What You Get

Life is full of experiences. With me, you will experience communication, professionalism, creativity, and designs that will be more than just a book cover. The book cover and other designs can be a collaboration between the publisher, marketer, and the author all at once (unless you are all three), so clear communication is key for a successful cover.

Your book cover is an essential investment and should be treated as such. 

With creativity and passion,

Anneliese Palmer

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