Ball of Emotions • An "Ave's Vlog" Comic

What to do with all of these emotions inside of me.

After sketching and developing my new character (lol, basically my frogsona), going through *multiple* art programs until I found the right one, learning said program, freezing up on my self-confidence, and getting to the finish line, my first lil' comic, "Ball of Emotions," is done!


[Image Description: A 4-panel comic strip of a pink frog character named Ave, who is talking to the audience through a video on a website. Seen from the waist up, Ave has big, curly, dark brown hair tied up with a blue scrunchie, and is wearing green overalls. The title of the video is "Ball of Emotions, Ave's Vlog, Episode One", and the website URL is "".

Panel One's description – The character Ave says in a white speech bubble: "Sometimes, I see my emotions as" and continues their speech as the word "colorful" hovers over a floating orange ball with sharp lines in it, then the words "balls of" hover over a purple ball with blocky lines in it, and then the word "emotion" hover over a blue ball with squiggly lines in it.

Panel Two's description – The orange, purple, and blue balls are the only things floating on the screen, with colorful text boxes hovering around the balls reading: "each emotion has its own place and reason of being."

Panel Three's description – The colorful balls have mixed into each other, covering up most of the screen, with the text at the bottom reading: "many times, my emotion blend into each other, and I'm not always sure where they start or end."

Panel Four's description – The colors have softly blended into a single, three-colored orb, floating in the center of the screen. The text reads: "but through it all, I remain to experience it all...even if it hurts a little."

Panel Five's description – All of the comic panels together.

END Description]


Thank you for reading my first comic! I'm glad I was able to finish and share it! Currently, I'm posting my comics on my blog first, then I post of social media. Subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to know when there's a new post!

– Afro Flower

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