Behind The Design - Faux Fur, Pearls, and Chain Cuffs, OH MY!

Today, I had a long talk with my parents about going back to college. Immediately, my mom called me out.

Wayy out.

I don't want to go back to college. I want to do something–create something, that will manifest literally anything at this point. And my mom told me decisions made in desperation are never a good choice.

Thankfully, I'm always being reminded that manifestation starts within me. It starts with talking things out. It starts with thinking things through. It starts with admitting my fears of failure and success (or at least, how I am to achieve said success...)

My dad asked me to eternally ask this question: "Do you believe that you are an asset to this family, or a liability?" Part of me can confidently say asset. The insecure part of my whispers into my headspace liability. I'm trying to follow the steps (career-wise) that I was spoon fed to grind/hustle towards during college, while being back at home has changed my perspective back to a more realistic, human approach to my life and goals.

Quoting "The GaryVee Audio Experience" Podcast, Episode: "What Happens After The Wakeup Call":

"You're only competing with yourself" - GaryVee

Boy is that true.

After talking to my parents, I paused and asked myself what I wanted to do in that exact moment. Thus, I went to my sewing area, and the first prototype for my Faux Fur, Pear, and Chain Cuffs were born. At this point, I have no clue if this design has already been produced, and I don't care. I created these accessories with my bare hands this afternoon, and that's enough for me!

But, let me ask you a question before you go: are you an asset in your life and in others, or a liability? And yes, there is a right answer.


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"Create to inspire, aspire to create." - Afro Flower / Anneliese Palmer