Designing My First Textile and Apparel Collection

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

As I create my first collection of textile designs and apparel post-college, I tried looking at the current and future trends of fashion and interior design for inspiration; specifically colors and aesthetics for 2020. That lasted all of two days once I realized I don't necessarily want to follow the trends, but instead draw inspiration from my own world and make my brand a trend in itself.

During a college field trip to The Bonnet House–an artist’s historical estate in South Florida; what stood out to me amongst the monkeys, tropical birds, and art was the orchestra of colors. Predominantly bright yellows with deep navy blues surrounded with tropical greens, warm oranges, and reds soften by time yet preserved by dedicated volunteers. With the photos I took, I used the eyedropper tool in Adobe Illustrator to select the colors; making them the foundation of my collection. Although I usually use Illustrator because I love working in vectors, I used Adobe Photoshop to create my color mood board. From there, I go back to Illustrator to create my patterns.

Photos taken by Anneliese Palmer
Bonnet Fields Collection - Color Inspiration Board

As much as I love how my creativity flows from the tips of my fingers to a canvas or screen, my biggest issue as a designer is focusing on one design or collection without my mind yelling “squirrel!” every ten minutes. In addition to making sure my inspiration stays consistent with the end result. There’s a lot I have to learn and it can be overwhelming, but I have hope I’ll reach my goals. Not just as a fashion designer, but as an ever-evolving human being.


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