Focus - Watercolor Animation

I've realized why I have such difficulty focusing on one art style for an extended time, and it's because I love discovering how I can use different parts of my creativity with each medium I pick up. The only issue is that I won't stay on the same thing for very long, so I'm left with a handful of half-baked ideas and projects.

The trick I've learned with myself is to never completely discard something I've previously learned. If anything, I'll put it on the back burner for a while. So even if I don't use my fashion design degree to get a job as a traditional designer, I can still use that skillset and knowledge for designing clothes for a new art project that combines fashion, animation, and watercolors!

I've fallen in love with watercolor paints, but I also love telling stories through animation. And after experimenting in 2020, I created what I call SHORTIES. Short and sweet, watercolor-gouache, animations, with a bit of fashion design sprinkled on top.

I'm really proud of finally starting and completing what is hopefully the start of something new and exciting.

Thanks for reading, and I have a lot of SHORTIES in the works, so come back soon!

– Avelore

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