• Anneliese Palmer

I Want To Love - Poem/Song

Updated: Mar 13

Just putting this out here. To be surely edited at a later date

I want to love her, I do. I wonder, would she love me to?

To love me as I am.

A little broken and scared.

To hold my virgin heart

in her hands.

I would love them with everything I am,

To be loved by someone like them.

I know I can.

It‘s would be scary and new To be loved, and for it to be true. I’ll keep waiting and longing

Until I meet you as me

In the meantime

I‘ll wait until I can love you with all that I am.

I will love her this is true

and someday I’ll say

“I Do.”

— Anneliese Palmer, I Want To Love, Poem/Song. 2/24/2021

Words and Text by ©2021 Anneliese Palmer. All Rights Reserved

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