Lemonade Tears - Short Story

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In hindsight, using your kitchen knife to cut lemons while you've been ugly crying after a breakup probably wasn’t my smartest move. As snot and tears rolled down my face and onto the cutting board–gross, I accidentally swiped lemon juice in my eyes as I tried to wipe them. In my defense for making such an acidic beverage, lemonade was always the thing that made things right in my universe, especially since the cool refreshing drink was my mom’s go-to after I got home from a doctor’s visit. Looking at needles, scapples, and machines always set my nerve off. But you know what they say; when life gives you a shitty breakup, make lemonade.

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After cleaning up the kitchen and then my face, I went and sat down on the outside patio in the front of the house. I’m not one to think about my finite existence on a piece of rock floating in space, but I didn’t realize nor comprehend what I thought would be a friendship that lasted my lifespan was that in reality, was something small enough to be cut short before I turned twenty-one. I can’t even legally drink my troubles always, but I don’t like alcoholic drinks to begin with, so I’ll just stick to my lemonade. Watching the cars drive by and feeling the sun through my thin dress, I felt parts of my heart continued to break. I really did love her, but now having that love in light of this pain made me feel gross as the snot that almost mixed with my lemonade. It didn’t, but I still would have drunk it if it did.

Words and Text ©2021 Avelore Ave. All Rights Reserved.

Written during a writer's room prompt night on Clubhouse, "The Writer's Room" on July 4th, 2021, 5:33 pm EST in our new Georgia home.

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