Making Mood and Trend Boards with Canva

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

My mom and I have been using Canva for years for business and leisure. It's a great place to put together graphic designs for social media, printing, logos, and blogging. I'm in the middle of creating my mom's mood board for her spring season for her business, and I thought I'd share a lil' of my knowledge with you.

If you don't want to read this whole article, here's the footnote: use Canva for photos and putting everything together, and Unsplash for even more images. They're both free, and Unsplash is a huge library of free photos you can use!


While I was in college pursuing my degree in fashion design, we were always researching fashion and style mood boards. Mood Boards (or inspiration boards) are used to visually see an idea and concept come together. Some would also call these "Trend Boards" but I can't tell you how MANY times my professor told us otherwise.

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And there is a difference.

A Mood Board is a compilation of a feeling or mood. Imagine a garden is the background for our scene, and a vinyl record player is being fine-tuned by a woman wearing a floral printed cap-sleeved dress. Her hair is falling down her shoulders in loose curls, and her lips bright red. The mood could be defined as "Vintage", "Classic" or "Calm".

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A Trend Board is more specific. A trend is something that is honed in on. A specific theme. Such as the image below showing fur coats with a twist of streetwear. The dark backgrounds give us an edgy vibe, and the fur coats remind of a classic style.

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Here's the thing–nothing is 100% one way or the other. A mood can be referred to as a trend and vise versa. Plus, you might be able to label each visual similarly.

During the fashion shows I was apart of, even the make-up artists always had an inspiration or reference board with the looks that the designers wanted. These things are huge when it comes to communication. Plus it's another creative skill you can use in the industry.

If you're stuck in an art block, visual boards are a great way to get inspired to create something. Whether it's character design, interior decoration, fashion design or fashion styling–mood boards are a great way to get your inspiration going!


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Give Us The Sun Board:

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Mood Board Example

Woman - Les Anderson via

Picnic - Lucie Capkova via

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Trend Board Example

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