Merry Queermas 🎄🏳️‍🌈

I'm balancing with my legs on the back of the couch as I looked around the living room full of family members, my sister's boyfriend (and his new kitten that's swatting at people's feet from underneath the couch) as we exchanged our Secret Santa's with one another. At that moment I thought to myself: "If they didn't accept me being queer and made me extremely unwelcome, how would I live with that pain?"

My family is everything to me. I love them dearly and feel that love in return. But as I always do, I couldn't help but imagine what would it be like if that love was conditionally based on my sexuality and gender identity.

I came out as queer to my immediate family earlier this year, and while the uncomfortable questions and the that-sounded-wrong-but-I-have-no-way-to-articulate-why to some responses are stifling at times, I know they love me and want the best for me.

But at that moment, I reflected on all of what I've been listening and learning about the queer/lgbtqa+ community, I couldn't help but remember all of the people who are going home to hurtful families, don't have families to go home to, and to those who are still looking for their family.

I created this illustration to remind myself of all the theybies, gaybies (wait––is that a word??) and everyone in the lgbtqa+ community this holiday season that we deserve to be loved, cherished, valued, treasured and more synonyms during ALL of the seasons. Not just in December or Pride month.

Merry Queermas, everyone and a Queerer New Year! - Afro Flower, Anneliese Palmer


*lol how many times can I use the word queer in this blog post?*