• Anneliese Palmer

My Queer Name Tag

When I was in middle school, I was called a lesbian because according to my memories, my best friend and I were cuddling up a bit *too* close during Wednesday night’s youth group. That, and the fact that if boys didn’t show me affection as they did other girls, then it must be me...right??

During college, I thought boys and girls were pretty neat, so being bisexual sounded right (this one sounded nearly right, but not quite…)

It’s been two years post-college, and I now identify as queer. Why limit myself to the possibilities of whom I’ll love and how I do it? I’ve realized that as I learn more about the lgbtqa+ community, the more I feel free to explore my identity and just like the illustration says above: “–it’s okay for the label I choose for myself to shift and change as I do.”

*lol. I feel like I’m playing gay bingo with my identities...*

[Image Description: Illustration of a red nametag with the words: Hello my name is… I am still discovering what it means to be a queer person, and it’s okay for the label I choose for myself to shift and change as I do.]

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