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Prism Heath - Packaging and Product Design

Hey there, creative!

Aas I am building my portfolio, I try to think of new ways to showcase my skills, especially in pattern design from my fashion design days. This project also involved product designing, strategic thinking, branding, and animation.

My workflow starts with an idea, a sketch, and a few colors. Then, I conceptualize what type of product and branding style would work with my designs.

And here is what I created!

Prism Health is a modern and colorful healthcare brand serving all body types. This personal project involved pattern designing, product designing, branding, and animation.

My goal was to create a colorful and friendly product design for a modern healthcare brand. I also created different types of animation layouts, so there can be various styles for advertising.

For this project, I wanted to communicate a brand that cares for the people it serves.

I gave myself three themes to build the concept from:

  1. There must be an abundance of colors.

  2. It needs to be relatable to a modern audience.

  3. The graphic designs, animations, and videos need to work well for social media.

With the above three points in mind, the final concept I landed on for this project was Prism Health.

Prism Health is a people-first, community-always organization that values the people it serves at affordable prices. Its colorful and modern design offers a sense of ease and fun for the consumer.


For my storyboarding process, I capture how everything will move together as separate scenes, experiment with the layout, and put together the final videos.

And, of course, every modern brand needs a mobile-friendly website and delivery options!

(This GIF file size is too big, so here's the video link for now!)

I created these awesome mockups using PlaceIt.net, a stock photography, and mockup website. I use the paid version, but the free version can still be useful.

I had fun creating and animating the logo, and the style I picked worked really well as an animation loop.


Design Elements

Programs Used

I look forward to creating more projects like this, and I plan on making tutorials on my process so I can show a more behind-the-scenes process and teach people a few new things.

Thanks for reading and watching, and check back weekly for something new!

– Afro Flower

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